Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Odd times and Ranty McRant.

So, over the last month or so, things have been odd here. Great times mixed in with sad news, crappy health, stress and frustration. Typical family life I guess. From the great times, I have been to two music festivals!! I went to a small local folk festival, stayed with my sister, didn't hear much music to be honest, different organisers and bad weather meant less impromptu jams, but I got a bit of drumming in, quite a bit of drinking, and fun times chatting with my Sis. The second festival was Speyfest!! And the biggest highlight of that had to be seeing Eddi Reader live!! She was fabulous! Her voice is just incredible! The tickets were an early Birthday gift from friends. Best prezzie ever!
I am currently being kept busy with these two old gentlemen. My friends dogs, her Mum is poorly so she has travelled down to England with her family to see her. So I have two lodgers for the week and also have to feed her cats. They're lovely dogs, but they're used to a completely different routine than we have. They smell, a lot!! lol. Gas issues! What can I say, they're male and old. lol.

I'm having issues with the humans in my house at the moment. Apparently I am the only person capable of housework just now, and they have all forgotten how to lift the toilet seat, OH has got my hallway full of computers that need dismantling, with no idea when he's going to get around to taking them apart, which is frustrating me no end, as he did pretty much nothing all weekend but sit on his PC, as he does every night when he gets home from "work". So I'm pretty much feeling sorry for myself and feeling a bit ignored and neglected.
I admit I'm not doing as much housework as i could/should be doing, permanent headache is taking it's toll at times. And with the added dog hair this week it's taking half an hour just to hoover the living room!! A little help would be great, and I'm pretty sure it's not too much to ask. Been waiting for OH to borrow a strimmer so we can get the garden sorted out, but it's just not happening. So I'll have to add that to my list of jobs.
The sad news is that my friend's Dad is dying. He has been fighting a rare form of cancer for some time, and it has looked positive, he's done so well! But now, he's fading fast. And so she is taking him home today. To Russia. To die. We call him the Legend, and he truly is! Sad times. I wish I could be there for her in person, but it's just not possible.

So I guess I'll just try to distract myself with the hundreds of jobs I have to do, keeping the kids occupied, walking 4 crazy dogs instead of 2, taking pointless calls about cats that aren't mine, and don't even match his description let alone his photo!!

Sorry for the crappy post. Just needed a wee rant. Off to scrounge round the neighbours and see if anyone has a strimmer i can borrow, after i poop scoop. These labs cant half poop!!

Sal. X