Monday, 28 March 2011


I know, yet again, I've been neglecting my blog. Bus as usual, it's been pretty busy here. Not that I've noticed very much to be honest. My cat went missing on Wednesday night. Haven't seen him since. He's an indoor cat and had never been out before. But as he's not neutered, he may well be out having the time of his life. What scares me is, we live right beside a really busy road. The day after Wade went missing there was a cat run over. My friend saw it happen and called me in hysterics. I had to run up there in my PJ's and see if it was him, plus calm down the woman who had run over the cat and my friend.

I have huge blisters on my feet from walking round the village calling for him, my back is in agony with sleeping sitting up on the couch, so that I could leave the windows wide open in case he comes back in the night.

I suppose it may seem a bit over the top to some. I do get really attached to my pets, but also, Wade is the only cat I've really properly bonded with since my cat I had from 6 years old. He's like my best friend, and fur baby. He looks after me when I'm sick, listens without judging when I'm being a whinge, He's my company and comforter when I'm depressed,he makes me feel better. No matter what. Everyone said he was ridiculously devoted to me. My friend, whose cat is his mother, was convinced he is a reincarnated human and is in love with me. lol.

I'm just really lost without him, and I'm struggling. Really struggling to hold the depression at bay.

This should have been a positive post. This time tomorrow, I'll have been a non smoker for 2 weeks. But I don't feel like celebrating, and not really feeling very positive. So, it's still there, I've still achieved it. Just don't much care. When Wade comes home, I'll celebrate.

Sal. X

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Today I spent a few hours watching my little Sisters' Band rehearse. They Totally Rock!!!! I know I'm biased, but seriously, these guys and gals are good! Don't just take my word for it... Check them out. Transmanta! Their Myspace page, you can listen to them there.
The lead singer is my Baby Sister Meggan. Amazing voice! Also beautiful and brilliant songwriting skills. In my humble opinion.

The talented Drummer, (who I couldn't get a clear shot of) is also my Little Sister, Suzie. Also beautiful and also a great songwriter.
Obviously Mike, the Guitarist, and Jonathan the Bassist are also talented. They make a great group.

I was so proud of them I cried! lol. How soppy am I?! The music puts shivers down my spine and goosebumps all over.

Seriously, check them out. They have Facebook too!

Okay, I'm done gushing about my talented Sisters... For now. :-D

Sal. X

Friday, 11 March 2011

Sorry! Been AWOL again!

Sorry I've been away for so long. Been crazy for a while here! I am currently dying of a flu lurgy that my darling youngest son gave me. He had it for 2 days and was fine, I have been dying for three days, no four days, aching all over. I want it to go away! So, as always my photo's are in the wrong order. lol. This first is a pic of a Chinchilla. Because I'm getting one in about 8 weeks. He's four weeks old today. Have named him Cheeky. Because he is very cheeky. lol. Such a little guts. Adorable too. I haven't seen him for a few days as I've been too sick. But last time i held him, he's doubled in size within a week!! Beautiful primrose, my darling man bought me a potted primrose to cheer me up. So thoughtful! But that was when I was sick a couple weeks ago! It still makes me smile, flu or not. He actually took a couple days off work to look after me. He cooked and cleaned and everything!! (Well, a mans version of) He's such a sweetheart though. I feel very lucky. My Aloe Vera plant has had babies, so I've been dishing them out. Want to keep at least two though, they are such handy plants to have around, even safe to use for my darling animals. Although the cat seems determined to eat them all!

We've had a couple of breakdowns recently. First, the tumble drier died. And I do mean died, it completely irrepairable! Then my oven, also dead. We got a recycled drier for nothing, which was an absolute bonus! But no luck with finding a new cooker so far. But, will keep looking. Thank goodness I have my slowcooker!! Chilli for dinner tonight I think. Might clear my breathing a bit!
This is a representation of how i feel. lol. Tissues and all. Been through almost a whole box in one day!!! Too much info? lol. The Kleenex ultra soft tissues are very kind to my poor sore nose though. I'd be lost without them. I haven't been paid to say that. I just love these tissues!
I can't believe it's March already! Where did February go??

Another positive note.... The most positive in my opinion, Little D finally pooped in the toilet!!!!!!!!!! We've really struggled with his toilet training. He's so stubborn! But he's been doing really well with going no. 1 When it came to no.2 it was a different story, he just wouldn't do it. But yesterday, he was about to go, and i persuaded him to run upstairs with me, (nearly fainted in the process or carrying him!) and we got him on the loo, and he went!! He was thrilled! lol. So, fingers crossed it continues!!

I have been less shaky recently, so I was hoping to get out and get some nice (hopefully) photo's, But as it is, I can't stand up too easily without getting dizzy. So no sitting/standing/crouching in odd places for photo's for me at the moment.

We are forecast snow over the weekend, although, the sun is shining beautifully just now. I'm hoping it passes us by. I'm going to attempt to hang out some washing, I feel like fresh air will do me some good. Might as well do something constructive while i get it. :-)

Sorry for the "Yuck" factor of this post. But, life is yuck sometimes! Especially when snot is involved!!

Sal. X