Monday, 31 May 2010

Birthday Parties, and a new camera! (hopefully soon)

Hello! I've sadly neglected my poor blog yet again. Been very busy with kids birthday parties, pathetic attempts at gardening, much cursing at the death of my camera, you get the idea. Been kinda non stop around here the last while.
Life is good though, my wonderful OH has ordered a new and spiffy camera for me, which comes with memory card, tripod etc so i shall be photographing everything in sight! Can't wait! Had dramas getting it ordered properly, useless customer services grrr! Resulting in two lots of cash being taken and it'll take a while to go back into the bank which has left us pretty skint. And me pretty hacked off that the best kids party I've done so far I have no photo's of to show off! *sigh*

I do have photo's of Little D's party at his grandmas though, so I'll post them soon. I had a mega allergy outbreak as a result of being out in the sun. Covered in hives! Not a good look let me tell you! Kids thought it was hilarious. "You look like an alien from Star Wars Mum!" Such lovely kids. lol.

Not very much craftiness going on I'm afraid, I haven't had the time or the energy to be honest. I plan on making some cute bunting for some babies who have been born recently. With rag quilted letters spelling out their names. All girly babies so I'll need to go and buy some pink fabrics. Looking forward to that. And have organised to get to the show in July so I have that to prepare for too. Decent photo's to follow! (as soon as my camera gets here!)

But right now I'm exhausted, the heat has floored me. So I think I'll go have a nice cool drink and relax. May even sit outside now that there's a nice cool breeze. I hope everyone's weekend went well and you're all enjoying the beautiful weather! I will as long as I remember my antihistamines and sun hat!
Sal. X

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Craft Fair.

Well, the craft fair was a bit of a wash out. The pic is my table, i know there's not much on there, nor is it displayed very well, but it was the best i could do at the time. There weren't very many people coming in to be honest, and a few other stall holders actually said it was one of the worst ones they'd ever been to! But i enjoyed it all the same, i met new people, some very talented people! Some really beautiful crafts, i'm afraid i didn't get a chance to take photo's of other stalls. Quite angry with myself as there really were some lovely things. Not least the local chocolate factory's stall! Lovely dark chocolate covered coffee beans kept me going all day! I'll be back with better pics of my bags, and cute little tissue holders. Any ideas on how to effectively and prettily display bags would be much appreciated!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Bracelets, Birthday's, And Boll***s!

This is a bracelet I made yesterday while Little D had his nap. The pearls are reclaimed from an old necklace my Mam gave me, hearts were in the bargain bucket at the craft shop and the other beads and charms i had already. I used purple tigertail.
This one is a birthday present for my sister in law. Again, reclaimed pearls, also the amethyst beads, Hematite stars from my bead stash, and the seed beads. charm and extension chain also from stash. I made matching earrings, but forgot to photograph them.

I'm still trying to get more done for the craft fair, just over a week to go and i still have lots of bags to make. My eyesight isn't cooperating though. Waiting for a hospital appointment. Just hope i can get enough done for the fair. I shouldn't need too much it's only a small one, 11 stalls all in. But it's been well advertised. So i want to be as prepared as i can. So just doing little bits whenever i get a spare minute really. Anaemia is slowing me down too. I sound like such a whinge!! Apart from all that crap, life is good. It really is. I have a night out with my lovely man to look forward to in the evening after the craft fair. No bowling this time thankfully! lol. Got a gorgeous little picnic table with built in benches and a parasol for Little D's birthday on the 21st. OH's birthday is this saturday, but we won't be celebrating til Sunday as his little Sis is having a joint party with her friend that day, so we'll be at that. But he doesn't mind waiting. So a busy week or so coming up, but looks like it'll be fun!

Sal. X

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Jazmeister Central.

Hiya folks, i'm shamelessly plugging a fellow blogger today, also family. Jaz needs support with getting his dream job,the world has conspired against him and he cannot achieve this without help, whether it's tweeting, a link in a blog, a couple of quid. any support is appreciated, he's a very talented lad, and if you're into gaming at all, you may already have heard of him. So if any of you could find the time to re post about him, facebook, twitter, blogger, whatever, raise awareness in any way or even contribute a £ or two, it would be amazingly generous of you! At the least, give his blog a look. It's very well written and if you have any kids into gaming, they'll love it!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Sal. X