Friday, 7 May 2010

Bracelets, Birthday's, And Boll***s!

This is a bracelet I made yesterday while Little D had his nap. The pearls are reclaimed from an old necklace my Mam gave me, hearts were in the bargain bucket at the craft shop and the other beads and charms i had already. I used purple tigertail.
This one is a birthday present for my sister in law. Again, reclaimed pearls, also the amethyst beads, Hematite stars from my bead stash, and the seed beads. charm and extension chain also from stash. I made matching earrings, but forgot to photograph them.

I'm still trying to get more done for the craft fair, just over a week to go and i still have lots of bags to make. My eyesight isn't cooperating though. Waiting for a hospital appointment. Just hope i can get enough done for the fair. I shouldn't need too much it's only a small one, 11 stalls all in. But it's been well advertised. So i want to be as prepared as i can. So just doing little bits whenever i get a spare minute really. Anaemia is slowing me down too. I sound like such a whinge!! Apart from all that crap, life is good. It really is. I have a night out with my lovely man to look forward to in the evening after the craft fair. No bowling this time thankfully! lol. Got a gorgeous little picnic table with built in benches and a parasol for Little D's birthday on the 21st. OH's birthday is this saturday, but we won't be celebrating til Sunday as his little Sis is having a joint party with her friend that day, so we'll be at that. But he doesn't mind waiting. So a busy week or so coming up, but looks like it'll be fun!

Sal. X


  1. Beautiful bracelets! very talented. Enjoy your

  2. Thanking you kindly! I just make them up as i go and hope for the best. xxx

  3. love them !! I am the same way make it up as you go!! I paid 15 for a similiar style at a store. I acyually baught it to try to remake it. haven't gotten around to that.

  4. Hi Sal, thank you for entering my giveaway :)

    Love the bracelets you made, they are lovely!

    Mel xxx