Monday, 28 June 2010

Oh crap!

Yes. Now is the time to panic.. I've only just realised the car show I'm meant to have a stall at is this weekend! And to add to that, i haven't actually booked a stall! Duh! Have emailed both the lady I'm meant to be going with and the lady who is running it to see if sh can fit me in, if there's time to send my payment, or if i can pay it when i get there. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon, I'll need to get my ass in gear and get more bags made! I thought i had ages yet!
The kids last day at school before the summer holidays is Friday. Hadn't realised that was so close either.

My memory and organisational skills really leave a lot to be desired! On top of that I'm meant to be organising a family reunion type thing, and possibly a joint birthday party for me and my baby sister. Dunno how I'm going to get it all done! I'll start as always, with trying to get this house tidied up, at last if that's done I'll have time and space for sewing later. In theory anyway. lol. And I'll have to get Little D out to play while the sun is shining. He may be really nice to me and have a nap if i can tire him out enough! Fingers crossed.

Sal. X

Friday, 25 June 2010


It's been a strange few days I've had. Just generally unsettled. Unsettled weather, unsettled mind. Have had dramas with a local dog who had previously bitten Big D, it has now bitten one of his school chums. Still waiting to hear what's happening with that.

OH had his last day at work today. Well, kind of. He was on a jobcentre scheme. He didn't get the extension we'd hoped for, but has made himself indispensable. As it's a charity he's working at, he's going to continue to volunteer while they wait for a big contract to be confirmed then employ him fully. Unfortunately it means we'll be back on minimum amount of money and all the fuss involved in sorting out benefits again. Hopefully it won't be for long.

Possibly going to my Mums tomorrow, but unsure as we had a slight argument last night. So that's up in the air too. If not, I think I'll go for a walk and try to find some nice scenes to take photos of.

Seems like all I've done this week is washing. I could happily never look at another odd sock ever again! I think they're breeding in the washing bin! Well, I'm going to go and fold yet more washing, and OH promised me a bottle of wine tonight so after the washing I'm going to relax with a lovely glass of rose (with a strawberry in) and a book.

Sal. X

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

In the Summertime

I am sitting out in the garden with Little D, A in the middle and his friend have just come in from school. So the relative peace is now shattered. Lol. Odd weather, it's warm, but over clouded so we're not seeing much of the sun. Still, it's nice to sit out in the warmth without having to worry about my sun allergy raising it's ugly head. Speaking of ugly heads, if you're not keen on spiders now would be a good time to look away! I have a slight phobia of them, but not nearly as bad as i used to be. The one in the pic above, I found while watering plants at my Mums at the weekend. She's a Nursery Web Spider. And that white ball she's carrying is a sac full of her eggs. When they hatch she'll Spin a nursery room for them to keep them safe. How sweet! There are some really devoted Mum's in the animal/insect world. There are a crow family living in the trees at the back of my Mums garden, I got some beautiful feathers but unfortunately they didn't cooperate for photos. And there was too much going on in the garden to expect them to. Ah well, another day.
This one was in my Mums garage, so big for a house spider I thought he was a wolf spider, but on closer inspection of the photos, he's just a big house spider. More likely to be a she.
Mister black bird here, was trying to entice some worms. Amazing to watch. Mrs Blackbird had a go afterwards too, but she's not as brave as her hubby and wouldn't pose. I could watch nature happening around me all day, although not much of it is brave enough to get near with Little D and daft dog on the go.

It's feeling more like summer now, I never feel summery until the solstice is here. So now let the summer commence! I'm hoping for many more BBQ's, trips to the beach, fun at Nana's, (what the kids call my Mum) Camping out, picnic's, and taking lots of photo's! I'm hoping to get more sewing done, but in the heat it's a nightmare dragging the sewing machine and everything out. I don't have room for a sewing space just for me, so it's all dragged out to the dining table, which is used every day. It seems a lot of effort when it's hot. But i hope I'll find my motivation and mojo soon. Have so many ideas floating around my head.

What are your hopes, dreams, plans for the summer?

Sal. X

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Feeling more positive!

Yesterday I was feeling really low. As if it wasn't obvious! With all my health issues culminating and feeling like I just couldn't win, everything got on top of me and I cracked just a little. I chased kids outside and upstairs then I cried my eyes out. Called my Mum, she calmed me down. Afterwards I felt incredibly embarrassed as always.

But today, my wonderful OH has taken the day off work to give me a little break, he has taken Little D for a walk. I spoke to a dentist online, I now have a plan of action and feel as if I can and Iam doing something to help myself.

I didn't get any sewing done last night. I was too drained after the crying. I did get some fabric samples in the post today though, I plan on making some personalised bunting for a friends baby who was born recently. It'll make a nice change making something pink and girly. I really need to be getting on with some more bags too.

My Mum and sister have insisted I take some time out with them, by the sea this weekend. So I'm looking forward to that. Home on Sunday to spoil OH for Fathers day. I might make some of the oat cookies he and my Dad like so much for them both.

Anyway, best go. I'm going to take full advantage of Little D being out of the house and get some cleaning done.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Right now, this is about all that's keeping me relatively cheerful. I can't wait for season three to start!

We had a fab BBQ at the weekend, a (very) belated birthday celebration for OH. He had a lovely night, we both even tried fire breathing! Brilliant fun!

On the downside, i clench my jaw in my sleep. I have done since i was pregnant with Big D. My teeth pretty much started crumbling when i was first pregnant and haven't stopped since, so I've had 12 years of pain from toothache. And i am terrified of the dentist. So I'll only go if i can't function through the pain, even then it's panic attacks all the way and usually vomiting.

In the last month I've broken 2 teeth in my sleep. At the weekend one of my front teeth literally snapped off at the gum line. And i swallowed it. So now, I'm in more pain than usual, and have an upset stomach. Don't know if it's through the pain or if the teeth are doing it. And of course Little D is playing up something chronic because he knows I'm not well.

It's impossible to get a dentist here. I've been on a waiting list for every dentist within a 50 mile radius for 2 and a half years and still no joy. I can't face going to the emergency dentist to get treatment because the rummaging around they'd have to do to get what's left of the tooth out would affect me too badly. So I'm trying to get an appointment with my doc to see if she can refer me to the hospital to have it out under sedation or something.

I'm only 29 but for the last 12 years if someone had said to me, "I'll pull out all your teeth and give you dentures." I'd cry and hug them! I've had enough of the constant pain. Along with my other various health problems, it's just getting me down a little too much.

I'm sorry for being such a moaning myrtle. Just feeling really low. Plan on doing some sewing tonight. That'll cheer me up. :-)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and your Monday wasn't too harsh.
Sal. X

Thursday, 10 June 2010


I was so tired last night I completely forgot to take any pics of the cakes I baked. Numpty. Weather hasn't improved any. And the forecast for the weekend has changed, it's meant to be raining now! Not a happy bunny. Tomorrow on the other hand is supposed to be sunny. Hmm, we'll see. What happened to summer I ask you?! I plan to go out and wash down the wee patio table and chairs as they're quite grubby, get Little D to help. Anything involving water and he's happy.

Still really tired, I had another bad night. Dreams again, and again I can't remember a thing. It must just be subconscious fears, stresses whatever breaking through I guess. I'm thinking a bottle of wine may help on Friday night! lol.

Just as I started baking last night my cooker started playing up, oven wouldn't turn on. So it looks like we're going to either have a bill for having it fixed, or a new one soon. Such is life I guess.

Well, off back to the grindstone I go. Pointless tidying that Little D is going to come behind me and undo. lol.
Sal. X

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A couple of pics i took at my folks place at the weekend. My baby brother! lol. Might as well be, Charlie is Mam and Dad's pooch, absolute darling of a dog! He's a Springer X Collie, Looks a little like a pointer as he's clipped short. He hates his fur long. Such a personality!This is a macro shot of a bush in my Mam's garden, beautiful blossoms! Not a clue what type of plant it is at all. But it's lovely.
My wonderful OH ordered me a bigger sized tripod, and it was delivered yesterday, when the rain was lashing down, so i couldn't get out to try it out. Hoping to give it a practice run today. Had a pretty bleh couple of days, not sure why, I'm blaming hormones as ever! Woke up after terrible dreams last night and this morning, so I'm quite tired. Don't remember the dreams, but going by the shaking and sweating, I'm relieved.

We're hoping to have a BBQ this weekend, will be at MIL's Friday, for her birthday. OH refurbished a laptop for her prezzie, I'm sure she'll be thrilled with it! I plan on making her a cute tartan heart to hang up too, had fabric cut out for it and she commented that she liked it. Quick and easy but a sweet gift. Having a small garden table and chairs set picked up tonight, I got them from a nice lady on Freegle. So that sorts out the seating for the BBQ.

Tonight I have a big chocolate cake to bake ice and decorate for someone's retirement at OH's work. And some cupcakes too. I'm going to make honey cupcakes with lemon icing. they'll be a refreshing alternative to the richness of the chocolate cake. So that'll keep me busy. Hopefully get the tartan heart done too. And maybe some more tissue covers. One of my Son's Teachers has requested a bag so I need to get that done too. I have two baby girls to make things for and no girly fabric! So I need to remedy that. Won't make it into town this week though so it'll have to wait until next week.

I need to go do some dreaded housework now so that I have a tidy workspace for later.
Hope every one's having a good day!
Sal. X

Friday, 4 June 2010

Happy Snapper!

Finally! My camera arrived this morning! Absolutely thrilled with it! I just wanted a simple point and shoot, but that I could get clear, decent photos from and maybe learn with to do macro etc. I got exactly what I wanted! Little D hasn't been cooperative with posing at all today. But I can't blame him, he must be sick of me following him around trying to snap a pic! lol.
The dopey old dog Tara on the other hand, was more than willing to be photographed! lol. Loving the daft expression on her face here!
This was him huffing and ruining what I thought would be a funky shot of him taken between the branches of the Rowan Tree. Evidently, he thought different! Such is a life with a toddler I suppose.
My first ever attempt at a Macro shot! I thought it turned out pretty well, but I'm biased as I love Peony Roses. What do you think? I love the vibrancy of the colour!

I think Little D was also pretty disappointed because all the creepy crawlies we could find to take pics of were a small brown slug, and a beaten up moth that was hiding in his parasol. I was stung by an ant that found it's way up my t.shirt, no photo I'm afraid. I squished it in the process of removing it. I'm allergic to ant stings, so it burned like a ******!!! Might have more luck tomorrow. I intend heading into the woods to see if i can find more willing victims models.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Sal. X

Thursday, 3 June 2010


I am (not so) patiently waiting for this camera to be delivered. According to the tracking status it's in the van, out of the van, in the van out of the van, and now for the last 3 hours has been scanned in the couriers depot very hour! Grrr!

Yesterday i spent all day dealing with whingeing kids, A in the middle had picked up some kind of bug and had an awful headache so he was off school. Then I had a phone call from lanky D's high school and he was being sent home too! Trying to make Little D leave his brothers alone was a challenge to say the least! He thought they were home early to play with him.

I'm still waiting for a refund of over £100 because of mix ups with the camera(s) and shopping, so pretty brassic at the mo. I'd love to do some sewing and chill out but my machine was stacked into the shed for the party and now I cant get to it. (not that I'd get peace to sew anyway, lol)

I'm frustrated and hacked off. Nothing new there then you say! lol. But I am finished ranting now. Sorry. I'll cheer up by thinking of all the lovely photo's I'll be able to take when my camera is delivered. (I've even bought and charged spare batteries in advance!) The rest of today will involve housework, most likely bad tempered housework. But at least it'll get done.

Hopefully I'll be back soon, with some half decent photos!