Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Right now, this is about all that's keeping me relatively cheerful. I can't wait for season three to start!

We had a fab BBQ at the weekend, a (very) belated birthday celebration for OH. He had a lovely night, we both even tried fire breathing! Brilliant fun!

On the downside, i clench my jaw in my sleep. I have done since i was pregnant with Big D. My teeth pretty much started crumbling when i was first pregnant and haven't stopped since, so I've had 12 years of pain from toothache. And i am terrified of the dentist. So I'll only go if i can't function through the pain, even then it's panic attacks all the way and usually vomiting.

In the last month I've broken 2 teeth in my sleep. At the weekend one of my front teeth literally snapped off at the gum line. And i swallowed it. So now, I'm in more pain than usual, and have an upset stomach. Don't know if it's through the pain or if the teeth are doing it. And of course Little D is playing up something chronic because he knows I'm not well.

It's impossible to get a dentist here. I've been on a waiting list for every dentist within a 50 mile radius for 2 and a half years and still no joy. I can't face going to the emergency dentist to get treatment because the rummaging around they'd have to do to get what's left of the tooth out would affect me too badly. So I'm trying to get an appointment with my doc to see if she can refer me to the hospital to have it out under sedation or something.

I'm only 29 but for the last 12 years if someone had said to me, "I'll pull out all your teeth and give you dentures." I'd cry and hug them! I've had enough of the constant pain. Along with my other various health problems, it's just getting me down a little too much.

I'm sorry for being such a moaning myrtle. Just feeling really low. Plan on doing some sewing tonight. That'll cheer me up. :-)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and your Monday wasn't too harsh.
Sal. X


  1. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your jaw/teeth! I spent 2 years trying to get myself into a dentist and then as soon as I moved towns I find dentists which are begging for customers!
    Sending lots of hugs your way , enjoy your sewing sess tonight! :) xx

  2. Crikey, thought I was scared of the dentist! This must be awful for you but going to see your doctor and asking for sedation might be the only way to move forward. You really don't want this for much longer. Good luck, and dentures aren't such a bad thing, if it stops the pain it might be worth thinking about seriously.

    CJ xx

  3. Yes we are really lucky in London too, you fall over the dentist's here...not that it helps you my love. I hate the dentist but have found that since having kids I managed to overcome my fears as I have to put on a brave face for them! Lets hope your doc can refer you to hospital soon as you really need to get this sorted out - at least for your sanity. Sue x x

  4. Awww you poor thing. Have you tried gum guards or whatever they're called, they would at least protect the teeth during the night?