Friday, 2 September 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday indeed!! In spite of feeling like death for the last few months, I had the best Birthday ever! My Lovely Dad gave me a bottle of The Macallan, lush! Will be kept for hot toddy's on cold winters nights. Not even opened it to have a sniff! My Mam gave me a funky wrap/shawl/poncho type thing. lol. Not sure what to call it, but I love it! Perfect for autumn days. My darling eldest son used his wage from working at market to buy me some beautiful flowers, and a huge box of Thorntons choccies! Thoughtful boy. He knows I love fresh flowers. Little D helped with eating the chocolates. :-) As did everyone else but He had the majority.

And from my wonderful Fiance, and the boys.... I got a KINDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dream come true or what?! I'm in love! I've read 9 books since my Birthday which was on Saturday. Mega addiction! Darling Man also downloaded quite a few books he knows I've wanted for a while. As well as some classics he knew I'd like to re-read that he got for free on the kindle site. And a funky cover in my fav colour. Purple!
I have plans to make a padded cover for her too. I have some nice fabric, and as soon as i have the energy and peace and quiet that's my next project. Along with taking up 3 pairs of jeans, patching a pair, and whatever else is on the sewing list i can't find. :-)

One of my little sisters thought she saw a cat the double of my missing boy recently, on her way to work, further away than we'd anticipated, but still well within the realms of possibility. So she has taken flyer's to drop into the farms and houses around where she saw the cat It's on a back country road. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for a phone call any day now. Never give up hope!

Sal. X