Saturday, 27 February 2010


It's official. I have had enough of this damn snow! It ruined the planned day into town as the schools were closed. Had three bored kids who are also sick of the snow, at home all day. But, on the plus side, i am going to see one of my favourite bands ever in less than two weeks!!!

Albannach!! I am so excited, it's ridiculous! They are a phenomenal tribal Scottish drumming band! Brilliant! So primal and energetic! Sure it wont help my poor back any, as you cant help but throw yourself around when their music is playing. The rhythm takes over. It's all good! Just trying to round up a few people to go, Even if i have to go alone, i am not missing it! Been waiting to see these guys live for years! Bonus is, it's free to get in! Part of a tour they're doing for American fans. So many photo's will follow. i can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


This backache malarkey really isn't funny. Yes, I'm having a whinge. I cant tidy up as I cant bend down, so the house is a tip, it eased off for a while yesterday, which was bliss! But then the bed broke, and I am now crippled again. Ha ha, I'm jinxed. Hoping I'm a bit more mobile tomorrow, as Little D and I are meant to be going into town again. I promised him a look in the pet shop, and he's arranged to take his Auntie (my wee sis) out for coffee as it's her birthday on Friday. More hot baths and pain relief gel me thinks, I shall hopefully have some photos to post, also have my fingers crossed for no more snow!! Enough already! I want spring! Watery sunshine, budding trees, crocuses peeking though the cold soil. No more snow! So, i am determined to get on the bus tomorrow, have a lovely day with Little D, and probably collapse in agony the moment i get home. but, it will be worth it.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Wonderful Night Out!

Hi there folks, Well, i had a truly lovely night out on Saturday. It was great to meet all of my fiance's workmates and friends finally. They are all really nice people. I'm kinda jealous that he gets to go to work every day with these people he fits so well with. Also very happy for him though. lol. The one and only bad bit of the whole night, and the reason i haven't blogged about it all sooner, is... i put my back out while bowling. Pain wasn't too bad until the next morning when i found i could barely walk! Trapped sciatic nerve i think. Very painful. But i maintain it was worth it, I feel as if i have made new friends and feel even more involved in my fiance's life now. We fit incredibly well together when socialising as well as at home, which is always a good thing.

Unfortunately, i have no photo's to share, it was too dark in the bowling alley, and all the photo's i took turned out a bit rubbish, shall see if J has any decent ones to post when he comes home from work. Although, now I've met his boss etc, i can't look at it as work, he gets to spend all day doing something he loves, and would do at home anyway, with people he gets on really well with and has a lot in common with. He's so lucky!

I'm just hoping little D is going to be relatively well behaved today, I'm in far too much pain to run after him too much. Which also means there won't be much cleaning happening today either. Ah well, such is life. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Sal. X

Thursday, 18 February 2010

A lovely day..,

Yesterday I went into our nearest City for the day, I had an appointment to go to. Not a big deal. But i have issues with agoraphobia and social phobia, so as a result of the horrible weather we've been having, i haven't been out much since before Christmas. Yesterday was the first time in months I'd braved the crowds, along with Little D. He was an absolute angel! Completely unexpected as he is now firmly in the "terrible two's". I was so proud of him, best behaviour all day, no grumping or anything. So thanks to my darling baby boy, i had a great day. He did demand that i buy him a shirt that he spotted and immediately loved, Which he looks stunning in. A book, and a toddler version of a transformer, but he asked nicely, and both wee in the sale, so how could i refuse? He is a little tired today, after all the excitement, bus trips, shops, lots of shop ladies to smile at and send all gooey. He really is a little flirt! lol. But we had a great day, and now plan to do it every week to make sure I get out, and we have some decent Mum and D time.

I'm slightly less nervous about Saturday now, more excited than anything. The only problem now is, my dangerous bowling skills! It's all good. as long as nobody stands too close to me!
Sal. X

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

It's all good!

This is the scene that greeted me this morning, and now, it's almost all gone!
Not that I'm complaining.

I am quite nervous this week, i have a night out on Saturday, which is causing the nerves. It may be quite unusual, or unconventional, but my fiance and i have been together almost four years, and this will be our first night out together! I feel like I'm going on a first date! In a flap about what to wear, (which never bothers me) We are going bowling, with his workmates, some of whom i have met, love dearly and see as extended family, some i have yet to meet. So i shouldn't be feeling so giddy, but i am. Ridiculous non? I am however, looking forward to it.

I received my lovely Valentines presents yesterday, i got a lovely watch and bracelet. would post pictures but I'm struggling with getting them on here for some reason.
Little D is having a nap, still full of snot, bless him, hence the reason i am getting peace to blog, i should be cleaning and putting in yet another load of never ending washing. I best get on with it, it won't do itself unfortunately.
Sal. X

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day.

I aspire to be a domestic goddess, I fail miserably, but I try. The cooking, baking, mothering, I can do. It's the cleaning and organisation that lets me down every time. I just cant motivate myself to clean up after people who could and should be doing it themselves.

On the baking front, I made my lovely man a heart shaped devils food cake, and my youngest boy helped decorate it with pink and white mini marshmallows, there would have been a photo, but to be honest, he made quite a mess of it, well, he is only 2 and a half. His daddy loved it anyway.

Had hoped to go out for a family walk but weather was just too miserable and wet, so hopefully tomorrow. We don't usually bother with Valentines day, it always seems so convoluted and commercialised, this year however, since we completely forgot our anniversary, we thought we'd do something, have made cards with the kids etc, as i think it should be about family love as well as romantic love. We all had a good day anyway. All of my boys are suitably filled up with chocolate cake and brownies, with a ham salad for dinner to balance it out. And strawberries and blueberries for desert. Now, i am off for some "me" time, i need to dye my hair. lol. Hope everyone had a wonderful day, romantic or not.
Sal. X

Monday, 1 February 2010

January is over!

Hurrah! I always feel like January drags on a bit, it seems to be the most miserable month. An anticlimax after all the excitement of December. It's snowing again here in bonnie Scotland. A wet sloppy snow, no chance of a snowman, so little D and I are staying in the warm, watching Madagascar 2. Which he loves. Hoping to get out later, we need to collect twigs to make bird feeders. I discovered, the reason the poor birds wont use out shop bought fat balls is, their little claws are getting stuck on the silly plastic mesh they are in. So we're going to fashion home made bird feeders from twigs for them. Not been having much luck technology wise, so no new pics as yet. hoping to remedy the situation very soon.
I am so looking forward to spring, seeing more colour and budding life all around, for now, past photo's will have to do.