Thursday, 18 February 2010

A lovely day..,

Yesterday I went into our nearest City for the day, I had an appointment to go to. Not a big deal. But i have issues with agoraphobia and social phobia, so as a result of the horrible weather we've been having, i haven't been out much since before Christmas. Yesterday was the first time in months I'd braved the crowds, along with Little D. He was an absolute angel! Completely unexpected as he is now firmly in the "terrible two's". I was so proud of him, best behaviour all day, no grumping or anything. So thanks to my darling baby boy, i had a great day. He did demand that i buy him a shirt that he spotted and immediately loved, Which he looks stunning in. A book, and a toddler version of a transformer, but he asked nicely, and both wee in the sale, so how could i refuse? He is a little tired today, after all the excitement, bus trips, shops, lots of shop ladies to smile at and send all gooey. He really is a little flirt! lol. But we had a great day, and now plan to do it every week to make sure I get out, and we have some decent Mum and D time.

I'm slightly less nervous about Saturday now, more excited than anything. The only problem now is, my dangerous bowling skills! It's all good. as long as nobody stands too close to me!
Sal. X

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  1. something I know i need to do more often, get out of the house and do something.