Saturday, 27 February 2010


It's official. I have had enough of this damn snow! It ruined the planned day into town as the schools were closed. Had three bored kids who are also sick of the snow, at home all day. But, on the plus side, i am going to see one of my favourite bands ever in less than two weeks!!!

Albannach!! I am so excited, it's ridiculous! They are a phenomenal tribal Scottish drumming band! Brilliant! So primal and energetic! Sure it wont help my poor back any, as you cant help but throw yourself around when their music is playing. The rhythm takes over. It's all good! Just trying to round up a few people to go, Even if i have to go alone, i am not missing it! Been waiting to see these guys live for years! Bonus is, it's free to get in! Part of a tour they're doing for American fans. So many photo's will follow. i can't wait!!!!


  1. I hope you enjoyed your concert (or haven't you been yet?). And yes, I'm sick of the snow too. I hate it at the best of times.

    CJ xx

  2. Haven't been yet CJ, Cant wait, i'm like a kid at christmas time! Still freezing here, not much snow, more frost and ice now. cant wait for spring! xx