Wednesday, 24 February 2010


This backache malarkey really isn't funny. Yes, I'm having a whinge. I cant tidy up as I cant bend down, so the house is a tip, it eased off for a while yesterday, which was bliss! But then the bed broke, and I am now crippled again. Ha ha, I'm jinxed. Hoping I'm a bit more mobile tomorrow, as Little D and I are meant to be going into town again. I promised him a look in the pet shop, and he's arranged to take his Auntie (my wee sis) out for coffee as it's her birthday on Friday. More hot baths and pain relief gel me thinks, I shall hopefully have some photos to post, also have my fingers crossed for no more snow!! Enough already! I want spring! Watery sunshine, budding trees, crocuses peeking though the cold soil. No more snow! So, i am determined to get on the bus tomorrow, have a lovely day with Little D, and probably collapse in agony the moment i get home. but, it will be worth it.

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