Tuesday, 16 February 2010

It's all good!

This is the scene that greeted me this morning, and now, it's almost all gone!
Not that I'm complaining.

I am quite nervous this week, i have a night out on Saturday, which is causing the nerves. It may be quite unusual, or unconventional, but my fiance and i have been together almost four years, and this will be our first night out together! I feel like I'm going on a first date! In a flap about what to wear, (which never bothers me) We are going bowling, with his workmates, some of whom i have met, love dearly and see as extended family, some i have yet to meet. So i shouldn't be feeling so giddy, but i am. Ridiculous non? I am however, looking forward to it.

I received my lovely Valentines presents yesterday, i got a lovely watch and bracelet. would post pictures but I'm struggling with getting them on here for some reason.
Little D is having a nap, still full of snot, bless him, hence the reason i am getting peace to blog, i should be cleaning and putting in yet another load of never ending washing. I best get on with it, it won't do itself unfortunately.
Sal. X

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  1. Not ridiculous, but sounds like great fun. Hope you have a good time on Saturday....expect to see a blog about how well/badly you did at bowling!!!