Monday, 1 February 2010

January is over!

Hurrah! I always feel like January drags on a bit, it seems to be the most miserable month. An anticlimax after all the excitement of December. It's snowing again here in bonnie Scotland. A wet sloppy snow, no chance of a snowman, so little D and I are staying in the warm, watching Madagascar 2. Which he loves. Hoping to get out later, we need to collect twigs to make bird feeders. I discovered, the reason the poor birds wont use out shop bought fat balls is, their little claws are getting stuck on the silly plastic mesh they are in. So we're going to fashion home made bird feeders from twigs for them. Not been having much luck technology wise, so no new pics as yet. hoping to remedy the situation very soon.
I am so looking forward to spring, seeing more colour and budding life all around, for now, past photo's will have to do.

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  1. Lovely to "meet" you, and thanks for the follow on my blog, always appreciated.

    I totally agree about January; what a dismal month it really is! February isn't much better but March, to me, is the start of the excitement in the year, lambing and spring bring lots of opportunities on our farm and I love waking up to those sunny mornings hearing the lambs shout for their morning feed.

    I enjoy the year then, all the way through to December and Christmas time. Shame we can't just skip January and February and go from December straight into March!

    CJ xx