Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Poorly Boy!

I have my middle son A home from school today, actually, he went to school quite merrily, then he threw up and was sent home. He is now tucked back into bed. I think sleep is the best cure when we are feeling poorly.
I have a horrible appointment at the hospital tomorrow that I'm truly dreading, so to cheer myself up, I thought I'd post some more pics of bags i have done, none of them more recent than xmas I'm afraid, I've hardly had two minutes to myself with little D now firmly in the terrible two's. And it's so much easier to relax and practice crochet than drag out the sewing machine and boxes of recycled fabric.
The photo's aren't great, taken at night. the black, denim one is a changing bag, open top, with a slot in organiser which has pockets for bottles, wipes, nappies, other essentials, also a hook incorporated into the bag for keys. It drives me crazy rummaging in a bag for my keys!

The other one, i kept for myself, couldn't resist the corduroy goodness of it. It is a huge slouchy hobo bag. Again, I'm so sorry for the lack of light in the photo. This bag is made from and inspired by some clothes my mum donated to me to reuse. A lovely forest green skirt that i wish i could have worn, but it just wasn't generous enough to cover my ample hips. And a white top with pretty little blue flowers did the lining for it and some parts of the organiser. I also threw in the two red panels at either side, just to be a rebel! My mum said red and green would clash, i just wanted to show her they could look good together. In my opinion anyway.

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