Thursday, 25 March 2010

Birthday Boy!

No photos this time I'm afraid, haven't stopped long enough to take any today. It's my middle boy A's birthday, he turned 11 today, so i have been keeping busy, cleaning, doing washing and baking, and will have to do it all over again on Saturday as he's having a wee party, nothing big, my folks and a friend or two, little nephew. Still, should be a fun day. The birthday boy had fun so far, he got the game he wanted, (he loves games consoles) And his big and little brothers got him a cute award mug for being the best farter! Lol. Too true. He can really clear a room! So now, they've all had dinner, stuffed themselves silly with cake of every kind and i still have a dishwasher to load and more washing to sort. *sigh*

I got to go to town on my own this week! I had an emergency. Little D broke my specs, since I can't see a thing without them, it had to be a one hour service. They all had a good laugh at my frankenspecs, my lenses in fiance's frames. I also found a lovely table cloth in spring colours, a hurricane lamp in a charity shop. So it was a good day. My table looks lovely and sunny now. Very cheerful. I shall be back, most likely on Saturday, after all the fun and games. With photo's of my lovely tablecloth before the kids spill anything on it!

Thursday, 18 March 2010


This is the beautiful candle holder all my boys got me for Mothers Day. This whole post is in the wrong order as for some reason i cant make sense of how to get the photo's to go in the order they're meant to! Will have to ask Mr Computer Genius when he gets home. lol.
I feel as if I've done nothing but moan and complain the last while, so I decided I need a bit of P.M.A. Positive Mental Attitude! The lovely sun yesterday helped no end, Little D and I made a tent in the garden and spent most of the day out there. Old dopey dog loved it too. I drank coffee and took photos, none of which are very good as neither Little D or Tara the dopey dog were in the mood for posing for the camera, but hey ho, we still had fun. Especially when the makeshift tent kept threatening to blow away!

The plan for today is make a different type of tent with a clothes horse, do loads more washing, (it never ends!) Possibly bake some cakes as the weather is supposed to turn wet again later today. And all the usual cleaning and tidying malarkey. I'm going to sit in the sun and look through the Wilkinsons catalogue while Little D plays in his tent. Then get as much of the chores done as I can when he has his nap. Hope you're all having a lovely sunny day. I think we all need after the winter we've had. Nothing as cheery as some lovely warm spring sunshine! P.M.A. people!!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Damn it! I'm jinxed!

So, i got to the gig I'd been sooooo looking forward to, my lovely sister and one of fiance's workmates I'd brainwashed came with, we ended up 2 hours early, to find the Band weren't playing! Needless to say, i was pretty hacked off. Luckily Ted Christopher was playing, so we still got to hear some good live music. I was so embarrassed and disappointed though. Never mind, then shopping for my mothers day presents was left til the last minute so lovely fiance and kids spent an absolute fortune on the most pathetic flowers i have ever seen most of which are dead already, and a lot had no heads! Add to that the very expensive but vile wine, and an unexpected (due to hormone imbalance) visit from my monthlies, and it wasn't exactly my ideal weekend. *sigh*
But on the plus side, i got to see a friend i haven't seen for ages, met a friend from America, got breakfast in bed from the kiddies, beautiful bought and home made cards, a huge banner my eldest made on the PC, Quesidilla made for dinner, and a beautiful candle holder. I did sulk because they were all doing their own things all day, i had hoped we'd spend the day having family time. I guess we'll just have to be better organised next year. I feel like an ungrateful whinge, i just hoped for more. Had some bad financial news which gutted me. Then find out that it was a mistake and we're not as far up the creek as we thought. Hormones have made it all seem much worse than it actually is.

It's been a beautiful sunny day here which cheered me up no end, cold, but sunny. Have had every window in the house open all day. Lovely fresh breeze. had visits from my favourite ravens, they always make me smile. Such clever birds.

My plan is to go into town and get some lovely (cheap) flowers, plants, and cheerful happy tat to cheer myself up. lol.

My last trip into town was eventful. Little D chose balloons for me and my mum for mothers day, mum got a lovely heart shaped balloon with pretty flowers and little lady bugs on it, i thought i had one around the same size but teddy shaped... No, it's a cute tatty teddy balloon, the same height as Little D!! He ended up screaming because he thought the damn thing was gonna pop! We got it home safe and well, (thanks to my sis who gave us a lift) And it now floats in a corner of the living room terrifying the cats!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day. I'll leave you with a pic of cheeky Ravens.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sunshine at last!

Well, we finally made it into town yesterday. Not the fabulous day I had anticipated, Little D has been playing up something chronic. Not going to go into to why here, too complicated and emotionally draining. But, i am not giving up. We're going back on Friday. No pictures I'm afraid, didn't get a chance, but let me tell you, i'll be more careful in the pet shop in future! Explaining two tortoises mating to a 2yr old aint fun! So they were wrestling. Little D had to be bribed with cake to leave the pet shop. He would have had all the tortoises and all the fish home with him.

We had a walk to the park today, the rest of the village beautiful sunshine, not a speck of snow or ice to be seen, we even spotted some crocuses on the way there. But we get to the park, and there are still mounds of snow the ploughs have left, and the play bark is frozen solid! The cold didn't help my back at all, but the fresh air and sunshine did both of us good. Hoping for another lovely day like this on Friday.

The little angel is now having a nap, tired out after all the fun of the park and feeding the poor cold birds when we got home, he gets quite worried about them being cold and hungry, so we make sure to feed them every day.