Monday, 15 March 2010

Damn it! I'm jinxed!

So, i got to the gig I'd been sooooo looking forward to, my lovely sister and one of fiance's workmates I'd brainwashed came with, we ended up 2 hours early, to find the Band weren't playing! Needless to say, i was pretty hacked off. Luckily Ted Christopher was playing, so we still got to hear some good live music. I was so embarrassed and disappointed though. Never mind, then shopping for my mothers day presents was left til the last minute so lovely fiance and kids spent an absolute fortune on the most pathetic flowers i have ever seen most of which are dead already, and a lot had no heads! Add to that the very expensive but vile wine, and an unexpected (due to hormone imbalance) visit from my monthlies, and it wasn't exactly my ideal weekend. *sigh*
But on the plus side, i got to see a friend i haven't seen for ages, met a friend from America, got breakfast in bed from the kiddies, beautiful bought and home made cards, a huge banner my eldest made on the PC, Quesidilla made for dinner, and a beautiful candle holder. I did sulk because they were all doing their own things all day, i had hoped we'd spend the day having family time. I guess we'll just have to be better organised next year. I feel like an ungrateful whinge, i just hoped for more. Had some bad financial news which gutted me. Then find out that it was a mistake and we're not as far up the creek as we thought. Hormones have made it all seem much worse than it actually is.

It's been a beautiful sunny day here which cheered me up no end, cold, but sunny. Have had every window in the house open all day. Lovely fresh breeze. had visits from my favourite ravens, they always make me smile. Such clever birds.

My plan is to go into town and get some lovely (cheap) flowers, plants, and cheerful happy tat to cheer myself up. lol.

My last trip into town was eventful. Little D chose balloons for me and my mum for mothers day, mum got a lovely heart shaped balloon with pretty flowers and little lady bugs on it, i thought i had one around the same size but teddy shaped... No, it's a cute tatty teddy balloon, the same height as Little D!! He ended up screaming because he thought the damn thing was gonna pop! We got it home safe and well, (thanks to my sis who gave us a lift) And it now floats in a corner of the living room terrifying the cats!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day. I'll leave you with a pic of cheeky Ravens.

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