Thursday, 18 March 2010


This is the beautiful candle holder all my boys got me for Mothers Day. This whole post is in the wrong order as for some reason i cant make sense of how to get the photo's to go in the order they're meant to! Will have to ask Mr Computer Genius when he gets home. lol.
I feel as if I've done nothing but moan and complain the last while, so I decided I need a bit of P.M.A. Positive Mental Attitude! The lovely sun yesterday helped no end, Little D and I made a tent in the garden and spent most of the day out there. Old dopey dog loved it too. I drank coffee and took photos, none of which are very good as neither Little D or Tara the dopey dog were in the mood for posing for the camera, but hey ho, we still had fun. Especially when the makeshift tent kept threatening to blow away!

The plan for today is make a different type of tent with a clothes horse, do loads more washing, (it never ends!) Possibly bake some cakes as the weather is supposed to turn wet again later today. And all the usual cleaning and tidying malarkey. I'm going to sit in the sun and look through the Wilkinsons catalogue while Little D plays in his tent. Then get as much of the chores done as I can when he has his nap. Hope you're all having a lovely sunny day. I think we all need after the winter we've had. Nothing as cheery as some lovely warm spring sunshine! P.M.A. people!!


  1. Hi Sal, thanks for your lovely comment today, it means a

  2. Nothing like a bit of sunshine to lift the spirits and I like the term PMA - will ensure I fully embrace it today even though child no. 2 is ill, the dishwasher is broken and the neighbours want to shoot my dog...