Thursday, 25 March 2010

Birthday Boy!

No photos this time I'm afraid, haven't stopped long enough to take any today. It's my middle boy A's birthday, he turned 11 today, so i have been keeping busy, cleaning, doing washing and baking, and will have to do it all over again on Saturday as he's having a wee party, nothing big, my folks and a friend or two, little nephew. Still, should be a fun day. The birthday boy had fun so far, he got the game he wanted, (he loves games consoles) And his big and little brothers got him a cute award mug for being the best farter! Lol. Too true. He can really clear a room! So now, they've all had dinner, stuffed themselves silly with cake of every kind and i still have a dishwasher to load and more washing to sort. *sigh*

I got to go to town on my own this week! I had an emergency. Little D broke my specs, since I can't see a thing without them, it had to be a one hour service. They all had a good laugh at my frankenspecs, my lenses in fiance's frames. I also found a lovely table cloth in spring colours, a hurricane lamp in a charity shop. So it was a good day. My table looks lovely and sunny now. Very cheerful. I shall be back, most likely on Saturday, after all the fun and games. With photo's of my lovely tablecloth before the kids spill anything on it!


  1. I used to love my kids birthday parties, well the planning anyway! The mess afterwards was awful! xxx

  2. Yeah, totally agreed! We had big parties last year, not doing that again until we move house! Loads of kids, grandparents etc in a tiny 2 bed house. The mess was insane!! Took days to get properly tidied.
    Sal. X