Monday, 5 April 2010


I have been going around the twist lately. (nothing new there) Our rotten weather here interfered with my Internet access. I only have a mobile dongle and apparently the snow broke the transmitter Aeriel up here. So i have been sans interwebs. Hence no blog posts, I aim to remedy this later today, with a proper post. Lol. Hopefully. I have spent the time constructively, painting eggs with Little D, clearing the garden, (finding a huge fungi at the bottom of the garden in the process) I have yet to find any time or energy to do some sewing, I am lacking inspiration and motivation which really isn't helping. But i will get there. I have a lot i want to get done, spring cleaning and organisation, and by the time i get some of these things done i have no energy left for luxuries such as crafting. The crochet has fallen by the wayside, as i discovered i was doing it wrong. Ha! Typical, but I'll start over and try to find the rhythm again, with the right stitches this time. Anyway, enough whingeing, back later, with a photo of the weird fungi hopefully, if it brightens up.

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