Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I feel sick!!!

I've just booked a table at a local craft fair in May. I've never done it before and i have social phobia! Stupid non? Grab the bull by the horns i say! Woo hoo! (Help, I'm going to vomit!)


  1. I have done a couple of craft fairs....I had to take someone with me as I felt the same! I was sort of embarrassed! It'll be fine though....good luck! xxx

  2. Thank you! I think i'll be on my own, unless i can bribe someone to accompany me! lol. Just got to find the time to get enough made for it now!
    Sal. X

  3. Crumbs, I wouldn't have any advice but I wish you luck all the same.

    CJ xx

  4. Good luck with the craft fair. you should think about joining the UK Handmade network. There are lots of crafty people, more than happy to share their experiences at craft fairs and the crafting world


    There are also a few web sites that may help (not sure how good the advice is as I've never done craft fairs)


  5. I am the same way, but you will do just fine:)
    Following you from BlogUpp!

  6. Hi Sally, hope you've stopped feeling sick by now! If you get the chance, pop over to my blog as you have an award waiting for you to collect. Sue x