Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Potty Training.

Not had much time or energy for blogging i'm afraid. My almost 3 year old Little D has finally decided he wants to go in the toilet! Guess i should have called this post toilet training, I have bought potty's with all three of my boys, but none of them have ever used one. Not so much as a christening drip! They all preferred the toilet. Saves time I guess. No major accidents so far, so i'm thrilled as is Little D. He's loving the whole thing, including flushing and washing his hands. Fingers crossed it continues to go so well. I hope everyone is well, and i'll be back soon with pictures of some more makes for the craft fair.
Sal. X


  1. Ah...The joys of potty training..Good luck! xxx

  2. awwww bless... my 3 year old is still using the potty she wont use my toilet but she is quite happy to use anyone else's and at pre school...maybe i should have stuck her on the toilet at the begining hehe...lovely blog ;0) thanks for your comments on my blog xxxx