Friday, 23 April 2010

Mega Bargains!!!

Just a quick post peeps, mega busy with kids, bags, knitting funky bag straps with wool won from the lovely Hardup Hester I was in town today for coffee with my Mam, and charity shop scouring to find fabric to recycle into bag linings. And get this... I found two lovely Candlewick bedspreads for £1.29 each!!! I couldn't believe it! I've loved them since i was a kid. Are they back in vogue yet? lol. I don't care, i love the shabby chicness they have. A lovely purple one (my fav colour) and a pink one with the fluffy patterns on. As I type, I've already washed the purple beauty and dried it, and am wrapped up in it with the cat vying for lap space with the laptop. Life is good! I'm easily pleased! Also got mega bargainous fabric, sarongs. So I'm set for at least a few more bags, will post pics when i get time. Hope everyone has a fab weekend! Take care.
Sal. X


  1. I know how you feel about your bargain finds! I adore looking for bargains in charity shops! xx

  2. I'm glad you are pleased with it all.

  3. I've been feeling the itch to "treasure hunt" myself @ our local thrift store and love linen find's they are the best. To think what you would pay for faux vintage shabby chic linens. Enjoy friend.