Monday, 5 April 2010


This first pic is the unusual fungus that is taking over a bush at the bottom of my garden. Unexpected find while i was tidying up. I thought it was quite pretty to look at, intricate, a perfect example of nature in my tiny garden where even grass refuses to grow, before we moved in here some numpty buried tins of paint in the meagre topsoil, so that up until now, the only things resilient enough to grow on the mud patch were two bushes and weeds. So the fungus makes a nice change.
These are the eggs Little D painted while his big brother A was at school painting his. I had the big jar from Xmas, a bargain find in a charity shop bought to put sweets in, the pretty cloth in the bottom i got in poundland, they have all sorts with nice cheerful designs. Much better to wipe down worktops with in my opinion, bring a bit of spring brightness to the kitchen too.
And finally, my cheery tablecloth! And beautiful and pungent lilies my lovely man brought me home for our 4yr anniversary. The hurricane lamp was another charity shop find. I love candles, and flowers. Although these lilies have been a lot of work! They look funny as I've cut all the stamen off. the pollen not only stains everything it touches but is also very poisonous to cats. So the lilies have been moved around a lot, to make sure they're always out of the kitties reach. I'm still enjoying them though. Beautiful!

I've had an odd evening, found out via my sister that over the weekend, two people we know have died. Very unexpectedly. One had only just gotten married last weekend. So tragic. So I'm feeling kind of shell shocked to be honest. Just feels so surreal. My heart is breaking for the families involved.

So, I think I'll do the original post i had planned later in the week. I hope every one's weekend went well, and everyone enjoyed their Easter celebrations. I'm off to catch up on some blog reading now, I've missed so much. Take care!
Sal. X

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