Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Busy times.

Things have been pretty busy here lately. Still looking for this handsome fellow. I actually thought I'd found him, a cat had been showing up at a farm, 150 miles away!! I spoke to the man who had dealt with him, the description he gave sounded exactly like my baby boy! But when the coordinator of the cats protection in that area emailed me with a photo, it looked nothing like him. So I have to admit I had a mini breakdown. But I'm still staying positive. I've been dreaming about him a lot. I think that's a sign he's still alive. I have had flyer's printed, and I'm extending the area. I also saw a psychic last Friday, and she is going to try and locate him for me. She has had success with this before. The cat she found had passed away, but she was able to tell the owners where he was, which gave them peace. So I live in hope!!

Kids break up for school holidays here this Friday. SO I'll have 3 boys to keep occupied! Before Friday I need to post just under 500 flyer's through doors in the village, and go to the nearest villages/towns and get posters put in more shop windows. So I have plenty to be getting on with.

I spent Saturday night with one of my Sisters. I was babysitting my wee Nephew on the Sunday as his Big Sister had a gymnastics competition. And even though the organisers screwed up (again) and put her in a higher age grouping, she still won a medal!!! So proud of her! I had a ball looking after her wee Brother, and on the Saturday evening we picked berries in the garden which my Sis has now turned into jam. Looking forward to eating it with my toast and remembering spending fun times with my Sis, Niece and Nephew. :-)

Mine and Little D's strawberry plants are thriving, despite some of them being really battered with the wild rain.
I've been pretty tired recently, blaming it on anaemia as usual, but I've been busier than usual. I've been volunteering at a sports club for disabled people. I've really enjoyed it! Last night was the last one until after the summer holidays as it's run in a school and of course the school will be closed. But we have a fun mystery bus trip coming up too. So that will be both fun and challenging! I still have my wee Saturday job as well so I'm kept busy.

Well, I better make a move. Have lots of flyer's to post and a garden to tidy, and housework to be getting on with. All with a 4yr old in an awkward mood! Today will be a long day I think!

Sal. X

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

To cut or not to cut??

I'm sure some of you will have heard about the flak Russel Crowe was getting last week due to his views on circumcision. I have always disagreed with circumcising babies or children. I know it can sometimes be necessary, a close member of my family was forced to have it done as an adult as his foreskin had become to tight. That's perfectly acceptable. But at the risk of offending anyone, I think anyone who would put their child through that for anything other than medical reasons has some wires loose! Although I have never liked the thought of it, I have never really sat and thought about the technicalities of it, so when i watched this video through twitter, i was incredibly shocked, and I would go so far as to say traumatised just by seeing it. I had a panic attack and cried my eyes out! That poor baby! I have three sons, and never would i entertain the thought of putting them through such pain! Never! I will include a link to the video, but I wont embed it, I couldn't cope with seeing it again, and i don't want anyone seeing it without first preparing themselves. So if you want to see it, the option is there, but it's not forced upon you. Circumcision. I Have nothing against specific groups of people or people of faith to whom this practice is commonplace, I just find the act itself disturbing, cruel, and barbaric!
If ever you hear female circumcision mentioned, people are up in arms! It's sick, evil! etc etc, why do we not have the same reactions to male circumcision? All children should be cherished, and anything that would cause them unnecessary pain avoided at all costs!
That's my rant over. Sorry if anyone feels i am forcing my opinion onto them, or that I'm disrespecting any religion or group. That is not my intention. I am just truly shocked by this.
What's your view?

Sal. X