Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Hi all, just a quick short post, my appointment went pretty well, tests (all 3 hours worth!) came back relatively normal, so I am to go back for the full work up again in 3 months, i'm also having to try some anti epilepsy drugs to control the headaches. My head is really sore today from all the bright lights being flashed into my forcedly dilated eyes hence the very short post.
I also wanted to say, there's something very wrong with my g mail, which means i cant comment on blogs, including my own, but I hope to have it sorted by the end of the month when we get broadband sorted out. Also, a huge thank you to Rachel!! For a lovely blog award, as soon as this stupid headache eases off i'll be back to see to it and do a proper post. Right, i'm off to conserve my energy as OH is working late and i'll not have any help with the little guy. Back soon!
Sal. X

Monday, 10 January 2011

Back! (at last)

Sorry I've been M.I.A. for a while, been a busy time around here. We had a lovely relaxed family Xmas. It was lovely! I didn't burn anything, and i remembered the stuffing! Huge achievement! lol. New year was relaxed and quiet too. Just as well as I was full of the flu. We went to a neighbours party, we were free to go as the kids were all visiting family, was nice to get out together and meet new people.
Between Xmas and new year, we welcomed a new pooch into the family! Isn't he adorable?! He's 5, and apparently a long haired German Pointer X Lab. Although everyone is adamant he looks just like a Spaniel. His family were (supposedly) made homeless and couldn't keep him, but they were able to keep the Lhasa Apso they intend to breed from. But their loss is our gain! He is a very sweet boy, very clever, he picks things up very fast. Perfect with kids and our old lady lurcher is thrilled to have a friend to play with. She's acting like a puppy again!

We also had my eldest sons 13Th birthday! I still cant quite believe I'm a Mum to a teenager!! He had a lovely day. I have middle son off school today, stomach bug. He's chirpy enough though. Thankfully.
Tomorrow, I have my Ophthalmology appointment in the big city. Dreading the 2 hour bus, horrid eye drops etc. My Mum is coming with me though, so I'm grateful for that. Just hoping we get some answers this time! Headaches are really starting to get me down.

Other than that, all has been well here, just relaxing and enjoying family time. Getting ready for kids going back to school, and i shall be back with more photo's as soon as i can get them from OH, he has been on photo taking duty.
Hope everyone is well and enjoyed a happy and healthy Xmas and new year!

Sal. X