Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Hi all, just a quick short post, my appointment went pretty well, tests (all 3 hours worth!) came back relatively normal, so I am to go back for the full work up again in 3 months, i'm also having to try some anti epilepsy drugs to control the headaches. My head is really sore today from all the bright lights being flashed into my forcedly dilated eyes hence the very short post.
I also wanted to say, there's something very wrong with my g mail, which means i cant comment on blogs, including my own, but I hope to have it sorted by the end of the month when we get broadband sorted out. Also, a huge thank you to Rachel!! For a lovely blog award, as soon as this stupid headache eases off i'll be back to see to it and do a proper post. Right, i'm off to conserve my energy as OH is working late and i'll not have any help with the little guy. Back soon!
Sal. X


  1. Get better soon and hope those headaches stop - was also going to award you a Stylish Blogger one but beaten to it!