Saturday, 17 April 2010

Meme/Award thingy and Jewelery!

Wow! I am gobsmacked and thrilled! My first ever award, meme thingy! I got it from the lovely Sue over at Smiffy's blog. I think I'm meant to tell you all 7 things about myself I'd rather people not know. Lol. This could be horrific! (kidding).
1/ I am terrified of becoming an alcoholic, but i still drink alcohol. Having a glass of Shiraz as i write this.
2/ I was brought up catholic, and as a result ended up hating religion and the hypocrisy that goes with it, I'm kind of pagan/satanist.
3/ I used to run around naked in the rain. (not confident enough in my own skin or i still would)
4/ I love to argue with people online! My very geeky OH Say's I'm a troll! lol
5/ I am a wannabe domestic goddess. It never goes to plan, house stays an overcrowded tip. But i try.
6/ I have predictive dreams. Always have, i woke up and knew when my Grandad had a stroke, i knew when my Nana died, etc etc.
7/ A lot of the time, i have more time for animals than people.

So there you go! That's it. Not as bad as i thought really. So now i think i tag 7 other people?

I look forward to seeing what these ladies responses are!
This is a handbag charm I've made to go along with the bags I'm making for the craft fair next month. First attempt, so any comments or constructive criticism greatly appreciated.
I LOVE the little frog bead on this bracelet i made, as soon as i saw him i had to put him on something! The start are hematite, the big beads all lampwork. Beautiful.
Another bracelet. I've also done some earrings, and very simple necklaces so far, with bone hearts, some with wings. Just getting familiar with the tools and beads for now. Let me know what you think. Good or bad, i gotta learn! So, back to the Shiraz i guess, there's some chocolate with my name on it too! Good times!
Take care everyone! xxx


  1. Thank you very much, I graciously accept! LOL
    Love both the charm & your bracelets, you're very talented. xxx

  2. Thank you so much Tracey! Wouldn't go that far! lol. Glad you like my first attempts and the meme/ award!
    Sal. X

  3. Thanks for telling us the 7 interesting things about you and thanks for passing it on. I'm a wannabe domestic goddess too but I'm a disaster at it so I'm thinking of giving up that dream and being a bit more realistic. I think your bracelets are looking great and will do really well at your market. I hope you are having a great weekend.

  4. Oooh Thanks very much for this - I'm off to do it now ;-)

  5. Very interesting creations, Sally. Would love to see more.