Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sunshine at last!

Well, we finally made it into town yesterday. Not the fabulous day I had anticipated, Little D has been playing up something chronic. Not going to go into to why here, too complicated and emotionally draining. But, i am not giving up. We're going back on Friday. No pictures I'm afraid, didn't get a chance, but let me tell you, i'll be more careful in the pet shop in future! Explaining two tortoises mating to a 2yr old aint fun! So they were wrestling. Little D had to be bribed with cake to leave the pet shop. He would have had all the tortoises and all the fish home with him.

We had a walk to the park today, the rest of the village beautiful sunshine, not a speck of snow or ice to be seen, we even spotted some crocuses on the way there. But we get to the park, and there are still mounds of snow the ploughs have left, and the play bark is frozen solid! The cold didn't help my back at all, but the fresh air and sunshine did both of us good. Hoping for another lovely day like this on Friday.

The little angel is now having a nap, tired out after all the fun of the park and feeding the poor cold birds when we got home, he gets quite worried about them being cold and hungry, so we make sure to feed them every day.


  1. Hope everything's okay. Sometimes even a short trip out can be difficult. I remember taking Amy to garden centers where they have pet shops and she was difficult to prise away!!

    CJ xx

  2. fresh air and sunshine help, hope your next trip is a good one too!

  3. Hi there, I've just come across your blog. I hope your back is better soon. Take care Sue x