Monday, 11 January 2010


I have been caught by the lurgy! I'm suffering with the flu at the moment, and a very irate 2yr old. We were dog sitting over the weekend for some friends, two lovely, but crazy labradors. And little D fell in love with them, he spent all weekend pretending to be one of them. So he's a little upset they're gone this morning.
Not much of a crafty sort going on i'm afraid, been too snotty. I have been shivering in the kitchen trying to get some photo's of the birds i feed every morning, but they're not cooperating. Will keep trying, hopefully when i feel a bit better i can stand and wait in the garden for them to eat and get some then.
I really want to go to bed right now, but unfortunately, i have said 2yr old to entertain, and housework to do. I don't however have to load up the slowcooker today, a very thoughtful friend brought over some casserole, so all i have to do is peel and boil some potato's. Which i am very greatful for!

Hopefully, i shall be back with photo's of cheeky ravens, adorable finches, and a very violent wee robin, later.

Sal. x


  1. Nice to make your acquaintance and I do hope you soon feel better, it is at last beginning to thaw here. The husband has got the bug, but he is lucky he does not have a two year old to look look after ( well not when I go out anyway)

  2. Thought I would pop over and say hi! Hope you're feeling better soon, and back into crafting busiess.