Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A couple of pics i took at my folks place at the weekend. My baby brother! lol. Might as well be, Charlie is Mam and Dad's pooch, absolute darling of a dog! He's a Springer X Collie, Looks a little like a pointer as he's clipped short. He hates his fur long. Such a personality!This is a macro shot of a bush in my Mam's garden, beautiful blossoms! Not a clue what type of plant it is at all. But it's lovely.
My wonderful OH ordered me a bigger sized tripod, and it was delivered yesterday, when the rain was lashing down, so i couldn't get out to try it out. Hoping to give it a practice run today. Had a pretty bleh couple of days, not sure why, I'm blaming hormones as ever! Woke up after terrible dreams last night and this morning, so I'm quite tired. Don't remember the dreams, but going by the shaking and sweating, I'm relieved.

We're hoping to have a BBQ this weekend, will be at MIL's Friday, for her birthday. OH refurbished a laptop for her prezzie, I'm sure she'll be thrilled with it! I plan on making her a cute tartan heart to hang up too, had fabric cut out for it and she commented that she liked it. Quick and easy but a sweet gift. Having a small garden table and chairs set picked up tonight, I got them from a nice lady on Freegle. So that sorts out the seating for the BBQ.

Tonight I have a big chocolate cake to bake ice and decorate for someone's retirement at OH's work. And some cupcakes too. I'm going to make honey cupcakes with lemon icing. they'll be a refreshing alternative to the richness of the chocolate cake. So that'll keep me busy. Hopefully get the tartan heart done too. And maybe some more tissue covers. One of my Son's Teachers has requested a bag so I need to get that done too. I have two baby girls to make things for and no girly fabric! So I need to remedy that. Won't make it into town this week though so it'll have to wait until next week.

I need to go do some dreaded housework now so that I have a tidy workspace for later.
Hope every one's having a good day!
Sal. X

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