Friday, 4 June 2010

Happy Snapper!

Finally! My camera arrived this morning! Absolutely thrilled with it! I just wanted a simple point and shoot, but that I could get clear, decent photos from and maybe learn with to do macro etc. I got exactly what I wanted! Little D hasn't been cooperative with posing at all today. But I can't blame him, he must be sick of me following him around trying to snap a pic! lol.
The dopey old dog Tara on the other hand, was more than willing to be photographed! lol. Loving the daft expression on her face here!
This was him huffing and ruining what I thought would be a funky shot of him taken between the branches of the Rowan Tree. Evidently, he thought different! Such is a life with a toddler I suppose.
My first ever attempt at a Macro shot! I thought it turned out pretty well, but I'm biased as I love Peony Roses. What do you think? I love the vibrancy of the colour!

I think Little D was also pretty disappointed because all the creepy crawlies we could find to take pics of were a small brown slug, and a beaten up moth that was hiding in his parasol. I was stung by an ant that found it's way up my t.shirt, no photo I'm afraid. I squished it in the process of removing it. I'm allergic to ant stings, so it burned like a ******!!! Might have more luck tomorrow. I intend heading into the woods to see if i can find more willing victims models.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Sal. X


  1. I know that excitement of getting a new camera, I was the same when I got mine last year. The shot of the peony is beautiful.

    CJ xx

  2. Yay! Glad it's arrived :D Beautiful shot of the flower!

  3. Thank you! After a really crappy day you girls have really cheered me up!
    Sal. XXX