Wednesday, 23 June 2010

In the Summertime

I am sitting out in the garden with Little D, A in the middle and his friend have just come in from school. So the relative peace is now shattered. Lol. Odd weather, it's warm, but over clouded so we're not seeing much of the sun. Still, it's nice to sit out in the warmth without having to worry about my sun allergy raising it's ugly head. Speaking of ugly heads, if you're not keen on spiders now would be a good time to look away! I have a slight phobia of them, but not nearly as bad as i used to be. The one in the pic above, I found while watering plants at my Mums at the weekend. She's a Nursery Web Spider. And that white ball she's carrying is a sac full of her eggs. When they hatch she'll Spin a nursery room for them to keep them safe. How sweet! There are some really devoted Mum's in the animal/insect world. There are a crow family living in the trees at the back of my Mums garden, I got some beautiful feathers but unfortunately they didn't cooperate for photos. And there was too much going on in the garden to expect them to. Ah well, another day.
This one was in my Mums garage, so big for a house spider I thought he was a wolf spider, but on closer inspection of the photos, he's just a big house spider. More likely to be a she.
Mister black bird here, was trying to entice some worms. Amazing to watch. Mrs Blackbird had a go afterwards too, but she's not as brave as her hubby and wouldn't pose. I could watch nature happening around me all day, although not much of it is brave enough to get near with Little D and daft dog on the go.

It's feeling more like summer now, I never feel summery until the solstice is here. So now let the summer commence! I'm hoping for many more BBQ's, trips to the beach, fun at Nana's, (what the kids call my Mum) Camping out, picnic's, and taking lots of photo's! I'm hoping to get more sewing done, but in the heat it's a nightmare dragging the sewing machine and everything out. I don't have room for a sewing space just for me, so it's all dragged out to the dining table, which is used every day. It seems a lot of effort when it's hot. But i hope I'll find my motivation and mojo soon. Have so many ideas floating around my head.

What are your hopes, dreams, plans for the summer?

Sal. X

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