Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Feeling more positive!

Yesterday I was feeling really low. As if it wasn't obvious! With all my health issues culminating and feeling like I just couldn't win, everything got on top of me and I cracked just a little. I chased kids outside and upstairs then I cried my eyes out. Called my Mum, she calmed me down. Afterwards I felt incredibly embarrassed as always.

But today, my wonderful OH has taken the day off work to give me a little break, he has taken Little D for a walk. I spoke to a dentist online, I now have a plan of action and feel as if I can and Iam doing something to help myself.

I didn't get any sewing done last night. I was too drained after the crying. I did get some fabric samples in the post today though, I plan on making some personalised bunting for a friends baby who was born recently. It'll make a nice change making something pink and girly. I really need to be getting on with some more bags too.

My Mum and sister have insisted I take some time out with them, by the sea this weekend. So I'm looking forward to that. Home on Sunday to spoil OH for Fathers day. I might make some of the oat cookies he and my Dad like so much for them both.

Anyway, best go. I'm going to take full advantage of Little D being out of the house and get some cleaning done.

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