Thursday, 3 June 2010


I am (not so) patiently waiting for this camera to be delivered. According to the tracking status it's in the van, out of the van, in the van out of the van, and now for the last 3 hours has been scanned in the couriers depot very hour! Grrr!

Yesterday i spent all day dealing with whingeing kids, A in the middle had picked up some kind of bug and had an awful headache so he was off school. Then I had a phone call from lanky D's high school and he was being sent home too! Trying to make Little D leave his brothers alone was a challenge to say the least! He thought they were home early to play with him.

I'm still waiting for a refund of over £100 because of mix ups with the camera(s) and shopping, so pretty brassic at the mo. I'd love to do some sewing and chill out but my machine was stacked into the shed for the party and now I cant get to it. (not that I'd get peace to sew anyway, lol)

I'm frustrated and hacked off. Nothing new there then you say! lol. But I am finished ranting now. Sorry. I'll cheer up by thinking of all the lovely photo's I'll be able to take when my camera is delivered. (I've even bought and charged spare batteries in advance!) The rest of today will involve housework, most likely bad tempered housework. But at least it'll get done.

Hopefully I'll be back soon, with some half decent photos!


  1. awww! Stupid delivery people! Hope it arrives soon! I am in love with my camera so once you get yours you'll totally forget how irritated you are now!

  2. Thanks Livi, I hope so! Little D is chomping at the bit to take photos of bugs!
    Sal. X