Monday, 31 May 2010

Birthday Parties, and a new camera! (hopefully soon)

Hello! I've sadly neglected my poor blog yet again. Been very busy with kids birthday parties, pathetic attempts at gardening, much cursing at the death of my camera, you get the idea. Been kinda non stop around here the last while.
Life is good though, my wonderful OH has ordered a new and spiffy camera for me, which comes with memory card, tripod etc so i shall be photographing everything in sight! Can't wait! Had dramas getting it ordered properly, useless customer services grrr! Resulting in two lots of cash being taken and it'll take a while to go back into the bank which has left us pretty skint. And me pretty hacked off that the best kids party I've done so far I have no photo's of to show off! *sigh*

I do have photo's of Little D's party at his grandmas though, so I'll post them soon. I had a mega allergy outbreak as a result of being out in the sun. Covered in hives! Not a good look let me tell you! Kids thought it was hilarious. "You look like an alien from Star Wars Mum!" Such lovely kids. lol.

Not very much craftiness going on I'm afraid, I haven't had the time or the energy to be honest. I plan on making some cute bunting for some babies who have been born recently. With rag quilted letters spelling out their names. All girly babies so I'll need to go and buy some pink fabrics. Looking forward to that. And have organised to get to the show in July so I have that to prepare for too. Decent photo's to follow! (as soon as my camera gets here!)

But right now I'm exhausted, the heat has floored me. So I think I'll go have a nice cool drink and relax. May even sit outside now that there's a nice cool breeze. I hope everyone's weekend went well and you're all enjoying the beautiful weather! I will as long as I remember my antihistamines and sun hat!
Sal. X


  1. Cool drink sounds good - I'm sat with a lovely chilled glass of wine! :)
    New camera - you lucky lady! Looking forward to seeing some piccys! x

  2. Nice to have you back! Looking forward to seeing your

  3. Thanks Ladies! I just hope it doesn't take me too long to figure out how it works! I'm useless with technology, but stupidly stubborn as I want to work it out myself. Fingers crossed!
    Sal. X