Monday, 28 March 2011


I know, yet again, I've been neglecting my blog. Bus as usual, it's been pretty busy here. Not that I've noticed very much to be honest. My cat went missing on Wednesday night. Haven't seen him since. He's an indoor cat and had never been out before. But as he's not neutered, he may well be out having the time of his life. What scares me is, we live right beside a really busy road. The day after Wade went missing there was a cat run over. My friend saw it happen and called me in hysterics. I had to run up there in my PJ's and see if it was him, plus calm down the woman who had run over the cat and my friend.

I have huge blisters on my feet from walking round the village calling for him, my back is in agony with sleeping sitting up on the couch, so that I could leave the windows wide open in case he comes back in the night.

I suppose it may seem a bit over the top to some. I do get really attached to my pets, but also, Wade is the only cat I've really properly bonded with since my cat I had from 6 years old. He's like my best friend, and fur baby. He looks after me when I'm sick, listens without judging when I'm being a whinge, He's my company and comforter when I'm depressed,he makes me feel better. No matter what. Everyone said he was ridiculously devoted to me. My friend, whose cat is his mother, was convinced he is a reincarnated human and is in love with me. lol.

I'm just really lost without him, and I'm struggling. Really struggling to hold the depression at bay.

This should have been a positive post. This time tomorrow, I'll have been a non smoker for 2 weeks. But I don't feel like celebrating, and not really feeling very positive. So, it's still there, I've still achieved it. Just don't much care. When Wade comes home, I'll celebrate.

Sal. X


  1. Oh no, sorry to hear he is missing, hopefully he comes home soon. I have 3 cats, 1 of them went missing for 4 days. It turned out he was locked in a neighbour's coal shed. I printed out leaflets asking everyone to check their garages and sheds and put them through all the local doors. I was so worried when he was away so I know how you feel. Will be sending lots of good wishes your way xx

  2. Oh dear, it's a worry isn't it. My cat went missing for 4 days a few years back and I was in a right state - couldn't even function properly at work. He came home early hours of the morn 4 days latter stinking of smoke and starved, so we reckon he got shut in somewhere. Hope the same has happened to your wade and that he'll return safe and sound very soon. After all we have been having good weather lately maybe someone's locked him in their shed by mistake. Fingers crossed. Sue x x x