Thursday, 5 May 2011

Back! Briefly...

Sorry folks, my hard drive died, and now we're having more "issues" with technology. Luckily hubby to be is a genius! He rescued all my photo's from the dead hard drive. But I Now don't have space for them on the crappy little hard drive I'm making do with. Once I get myself organised I'll be back with more.
Still no sign of my cat. Six weeks now. He could be anywhere. No word from any of the farms or anywhere either. I finally put away his litter tray. :-( I've kept it. And all his food. You never know. There's always hope!
We have had two new additions to the family, as Little D decided we had to take Cheeky the Chinchillas Brother as well. So we now have Cheeky and Chops. They're settling in nicely. Tara the dopey Lurcher thinks they're her babies. And dippy Tyson forgets they're there at all!! lol.
We had a lovely wee fire for Beltane, few drinks with friends. We even jumped a flame, although it was a specifically made candle rather than the fire as the kids were involved.
Busy month of birthdays, Other Half's is this weekend then Little D and his Auntie on the same weekend. He has asked for a Mario party! He loves Mario.
I have been busy at weekends with a little job, just helping out a friend on a market stall, (a rather large one) but I'm loving it! It gets me out of the house, gives me some time to myself, and is building up my confidence with people, so when I can actually go and gt a proper job, I'll not struggle so much. It's nice to know I'm helping someone out little too.
The stopping smoking hit a bump, so to speak, I started again, stress etc, and now the patches are giving me horrific nightmares, so it's back to the doc for another option. But will get there. I had stopped for a month! So I know I can do it.
Anyway, best pop off. Need more coffee to wake up properly, have plenty to do today. I shall be back asap with photo's of Cheeky and chops to share. Although, they'll most likely be rubbish as I'm the only person confident enough to hold them as yet, and it's impossible to hold and photograph the hyper little beggars!! lol.

Sal. X


  1. Good to hear from you Sal. So sorry that your cat has not returned home...yet. Still have my fingers and toes crossed hun. Pleased that you have managed to find a little job - like you steps. Take care. Sue x x x

  2. Thanks Sue! I appreciate it! Any positive thoughts could help! xxx