Monday, 5 July 2010


I finally got around to taking photo's of a few of the bags I've made. please excuse the crappy lighting, poor composition etc. It's been really dull all day and pretty much impossible to take decent pics. This first one is recycled from a jeans leg, and a funky 70's tablecloth I rescued from my Mum. There had been paint spilled on it at some point, but still plenty usable fabric for me! I love the purple and pink combo!
This one is a bahoochie bag. As in made out of the bahoochie (backside) of a pair of jeans. And the strap is hand knitted from the lovely wool I won from Hardup Hester.
This one is another bahoochie bag, made from school trousers, but with an added flap, I got a full metre and a half of this fabric from a charity shop for £4! Bargain or what?
Yet another bahoochie bag, this time with an added scarf, from a favourite top of mine which was unwearable now. the strap is a lovely bit of embroidered cotton, taken from a recycled skirt, the rest of which was used in lining other bags.
I guess this is a half bahoochie bag. lol. The jeans had ripped in such a place they were unwearable and unusable as a full bahoochie so I cut it in half. Strap is from the leg of another pair.

I have a few more too, since i didn't sell any at the car show. Bit of a disappointment, but there was a car boot too so I think people were really looking for cheap and cheerful. Maybe I'm charging too much. I don't know. £15 for the biggest bags that took the most time, £8-10 for medium sized ones, and £5 for the smaller ones. Is that too much?

I still had a lovely day, there were more dogs than cars there so I was in my element. Looking into fostering a husky now. Met a lovely Lady there who has started a husky rescue. there are so many of the poor lambs dumped in dog pounds because people take them on without understanding the breed. Hopefully I can help out and my own dog (who is missing canine company) will benefit too.

School holidays have started here, so the kids are enjoying their time off. In two weeks time I'm going to my Mum's for the weekend alone, for a folk festival. I can't wait! Been looking forward to it for ages! So my next project is to make a carrying bag for my whistle, and if I get ambitious maybe a better one for my bodhran too. So plenty to keep me busy! I want to do some little travel tissue holders too. Look much nicer in my handbags than scruffy packets.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm still shattered from the weekend, so I'm off to have a nice bubble bath then bed. Early night will do me good.

Sal. X

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  1. I think your bags are lovely and you have done a really good job. I do think people are just desperate for a bargain at car boots, I used to do loads when I was much younger and even though I made money each week, I did end up giving away a lot of my stuff for next to nothing. Craft fairs will most probably be your best bet.

    CJ xx