Monday, 26 July 2010

Rainy Day's and Mondays.

Well, it's Monday, and it's pi$$ing it down rain. I've just been to the park with the dogs, (yep, adopted another one, not husky tho) Little D and Partner. Older boys are at my folks for the week. And despite having many reasons to be blue, I'm not! I'm feeling pretty damn good! I had an eye specialist appointment last week, they've discovered something in my head is causing pressure. Either some kind of head blood pressure type thing or a tumour. So I'm waiting for an appointment for a cat scan to come in now. I freaked out to begin with, thought the worst and gut reaction, "Oh my god the kids!" But i soon calmed down, I'm staying positive, even if it is a tumour, and even if it is cancerous, these things can be treated. No point in me getting myself in a state when there's nothing i can do about it anyway.

Besides, I've had fab news too, a friend i had been really worried about is moving closer to me. As in the next street! Our kids are only 5months apart and dote on each other, and she has a lovely 7 month old baby i can steal for baby hugs. I can't wait! They move in on Wednesday! I have given another dog a home, he's a lovely little lurcher, red collie x. Beautiful lad, and he's getting my old lurcher fit again so she'll be with us longer. I just came in soaked to the skin, after running around with the dogs in a fabulous summer shower! I love the rain! I have a lot to be happy about and thankful for. So no matter what this turns out to be, we'll deal with it as a family and then I'll beat it. Problem solved. I'm a stubborn little sh*t!

So, it may well be rainy, and it may well be Monday. But to me, it's a magic Monday!

Sal. X


  1. I agree with Hester, an inspiring post and a wonderful attitude you have, I hope everything goes well for you.

    You gave me some help the other day by leaving a comment on my Blog. Email me with your address.... I have a little something for you. Thank you.

    Sue xx