Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Scans, Sisters and a little something....

I'm really excited today. Life is good. My ct scan appointment came in really fast, which is great because for me, waiting is torture! I have no patience whatsoever.
The lovely Sue from Our New Life in the Country is sending me a little something for suggesting names for her beautiful new piggy! I was close to the name she chose. Have a look! They're all gorgeous girls! Sue does an amazing job of caring for them, the chickens, all her home grown veggies, and lavender, preserving their produce and farmers markets on top of all that! Busy lady!
This is the dreaded machine they'll be slotting me into tomorrow. But actually, it doesn't seem that bad! The only bit I'm dreading is the injection of dye. I hate needles! But even that hasn't dampened my mood. After the scan, I'm heading to the big city to spend some much needed quality time with... All three of my little sisters! I can't wait! They're like my first thee kids. And i don't see them nearly as often as I'd like to. On top of that, myself and my baby sister are having a joint birthday party, as she turns 21 and I'll be 30! I'm totally comfortable with turning 30, not at all comfortable with my baby turning 21 though!
My birthday present to myself is going to be a tattoo. Celtic script that says "my sisters, my children" In Scottish Gaelic. So i have that to look forward to also! It is a significant tattoo for me and for my sisters. I think it's perfect. I have a few tattoos, and they all have significant meaning. I wouldn't have them otherwise.

I hope everyone else's summer is going as well as mine, if not better! I'll post when I'm back from the big city. Can't wait to see what Sue sends me!! Take care.

Sal. X


  1. Have a great time with your sisters

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