Monday, 25 October 2010


It seems I've neglected my blog for quite a while now. I've had a lot going on, then I really didn't want to post anything that would sound like whingeing, so I avoided it. We have had good news though, my scan results came back clear! No space occupying lesions, so no tumours, which is great! Just have to wait (seemingly forever) for a neurology appointment to see what is wrong with me. Myself and Little D took off to my Mum's at the weekend, the bigger boys were away to the big city with their Father, so we went to the seaside to visit Nana. I haven't captured the vibrant depth of colour in that heather unfortunately, it was getting quite dark.
Mum's geraniums are still going strong though! Beautiful. We had a lovely day, discovered a bush of what I think may be some kind of crab apple, I came home with a bowlful, not to eat, just because they smell lovely! Quite citrus and bergamot scented. Very Autumnal. I did upload a pic of rosehips, but it seems to have disappeared for some reason...

I shall hopefully be back soon with crafty pictures, I have so many projects in my head, I've been rather lax on the sewing/knitting/crafting front. I had packed my sewing machine away behind the sofa, after rearranging the furniture (again!), But I had to drag it out to alter Mam's dogs new coat. So it's staying out until I have completed some ideas I have. I got some cute fabric free with a magazine, So I'm looking forward to using that!

Christmas this year is going to be extremely tight! We were relying on a contract to come through, which hasn't and won't until after the new year. But having talked to the kids about it, they seem quite happy that although we won't have much in material things this year, we will be able to spend lots of time together and do fun crafty things. In fact, when I'm finished this I'll be getting ready to make some Halloween monsters with Little D. I'll need to set up the tripod before we start. I'm afraid any photo's I take without it at the moment are pretty rubbish, my shaking is making them all blurred. But a bonus of it is, if the camera is on a tripod, I have my hands free to get into the painting and general fun! So it's all good!

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