Sunday, 7 November 2010

The C word...

So, Christmas time is creeping up on us yet again, it's almost a year since I started this blog, when i began, I never dreamt I'd get anywhere near 19 followers! I'm thrilled! Thank you to you all for reading, and especially for persevering when i don't post for a while. Life here is still pretty "up in the air" at the moment I'm afraid, no further on the health or housing fronts. I have a wee idea about the housing bit, but don't want to jinx it so I'm keeping quiet for the time being.

I love Christmas! I really do, but I love it, the way it used to be, before it turned into a commercial nightmare! So for the last couple years we have been trying to bring it back down to real Christmas, not the religious aspect, as we don't believe in it. But the family aspect. It should be about the thought and love someone has put in, not the amount of money they spent. So as such, my Christmas shopping is pretty much done! Only bought things the kids will wear, or use a lot! Like a guitar gig bag for my eldest, something he both needed and will use regularly. The kids are happy enough with the arrangement. They already have games consoles, OH and I have put ourselves into debt previous years to make sure of it. But the older boys have said many times that it's the fun we have and the quality time we have together as a family that make the happy memories for them, not the toys that will lie in their cupboard til next Christmas. So again this year, it's all about one or two thoughtful and useful gifts, lots of homemade gifts, including sweets and cookies, and family time. I cant wait!
If i get my dream, this is the kind of scene awaiting us next Christmas! Fingers crossed!

What are your favourite parts of Christmas? Any traditions you have every year?

Sal. X


  1. The C word! :O Dont you swear at me!! ;) Last year was amazing spending our first Christmas as a family! I'm even more excited this year because Oli can understand better then he has prsents which need opening and means new toys!! :D Totally agree out the family aspect! That's what its all about for me and Jon as we dont buy presents for one another as having one another is the best kind of present!:)

  2. I agree with your thoughts on Christmas. It is way to commercialized.It should be about the thought that went into the gift and not how many we get.