Monday, 22 November 2010

My very own "Black Dog". Although, this one doesn't cause nearly as much problems!! Have been in a wee bit of a depression episode. Brought on by stress no doubt, (I stress myself out about silly things) but seem to be at the tail end of it now. Thankfully!
Unfortunately, OH was away for 4 days while I was on a downer. And I got myself into a selfish state. I felt like, still feel like, truth be told, everyone else gets the best bits of my family and I'm left with the crap. Sounds awful doesn't it?! It's just, Grandma, Nana, Sisters, they all get to take the kids out and have fun with them, OH was away with his Mam and Sis, to a concert, and night out, cinema, he had a ball! I'm not pissed off because he was having fun while I was sat at home, I'm not quite that selfish! But that we don't get to do these things together often enough. Or with the kids. Yes money is incredibly tight, but I feel like we're neglecting our relationship. I can count on one hand the times we've been out together. And we've been together almost 5 years!
This is/was my dream house. We thought we actually had a chance of getting it, it would have been so perfect for us. But it was not meant to be. I was heartbroken. I love this house!
My friend has just moved away. Not far really, and I knew her living locally was temporary, but I only helped her move yesterday and I'm missing her and the kids already. It was lovely to have someone close by I could actually talk to! I'll get used to it again i suppose. Just still feeling a little sorry for myself really. Still no further forward with the housing situation, I'm finding it a little ridiculous to be honest. It does stress me out a lot all of us being cramped in here. It tends to come in waves. I can cope with it usually, but when the kids are getting narky with each other, and Little D thinks he doesn't have to go to the toilet as he's still in our room, which to him means he's still a baby. That's when it gets to me.

On the plus side.... There was a craft afternoon at the school this weekend, to raise funds for the dance they school puts on to say goodbye to the P7 class before they leave for high school. We had a fun time, just me and the kids, as OH wasn't home until evening. We made tea light holders, (well, the kids basically covered them in glue and stuck tissue paper all over) they're cute! Some window ornaments of Santa, a robin and a snowman, some of those black scratchy art things, but pre punched out shapes. And Little D decorated a canvas bag each for Grandma and Nana with hand prints. He made a Scooby Doo one for himself first though! And I brought home some stocking making kits for the kids to do nearer Xmas. Should be fun!

I still have lots of sewing to be getting on with! An absolute pile of it! Also, OH has been helping someone out with pc issues recently, they've just opened a shop and asked if I'd be interested in doing some crafts to sell in the shop! So I'm excited but also nervous about that. I don't think my bags are good enough to sell in a shop really, but they've asked about jewelry too, they just want "local crafts" so I'll have to have a play and see what I can come up with. Fingers crossed.

Sal. X


  1. Oh Sal! I know hwere you are coming from as you know I've been there too. Maybe it's the time of year that doesn't help...Anyway I am so pleased to read about your crafts being sold in a shop! You must be as pleased as punch with that and deservedly so! Adore your lurcher!

  2. Thank you! I'm not overly confident about it yet, but will see how it goes, it won't be until after xmas so I have plenty time. She's lovely isn't she? My only girl! lol. X